Online marketing is one of the most effective strategies to spread the word of your brand and your products. Luckily, sharing information and news about your services has never been easier with sites like Twitter, where you can engage and interact with thousands of customers and potential clients. 

Creating a Twitter account for your business allows you to learn more about your industry and connect with other business owners. But with so many influencers to choose from, who should you follow? You’ll likely benefit from some free business advice from these three small business Twitter accounts.

1. @NYTSmallBiz

The New York Times has been a trusted resource for industry news and advice for decades, but did you know the news source has a section dedicated specifically to small business owners? Get all of the most recent and trending small business tips and stories from the NYT Small Business page right on your phone. You’ll find links to full stories concerning relevant topics like marketing and accounting. In addition to advice from experts, the account serves as an active community where small business owners can interact and share ideas.

2. @KeithWyche

Keith Wyche, a successful leadership expert and author, provides small business owners with the inspiration and advice they need when they hit a rough patch – something that’s bound to happen to all company leaders. His account is famous for highlighting common obstacles that owners run into and how to handle them successfully. 

3. @smallbiztrends

When starting or growing your small business, Anita Campbell is definitely one of the best people to look to for advice. Not only is she the CEO of Small Business Trends, but she is one of Forbes’ Top Influential Woman for Entrepreneurs. She constantly updates her account with the latest business trends, or you can search through her tips, including everything from help with the basics, like how to set up a company blog, to small business tax advice.