10 Businesses You Can Start for Under $1,000

/10 Businesses You Can Start for Under $1,000

10 Businesses You Can Start for Under $1,000

Do you stop yourself from starting a business because you worry about the start-up costs? You don’t need millions of dollars or a trust fund to become an entrepreneur. You can start these ten businesses for under $1,000 and put all of your profits toward expanding it into your dream company.

1. Consultant

You pick up a lot of knowledge throughout the course of your life, any of which can form the basis of a consultant business. Some of the most common areas covered in this field include accounting, marketing, sales, HR and technology. 

The startup costs for a consultancy are relatively small. You need to establish a web presence, so a domain name, website and social media profiles are necessary. Print out business cards and flyers so you have something to hand to people if they ask you what you do. You can put all of this together for under $200 over a weekend. You already have the expert knowledge that’s valuable to your clients, so you don’t need to learn those skills. However, you may want to pick up a book on running and marketing a business.

2. Personal Organizer

The buzz around Marie Kondo’s "The Lifesaving Magic of Tidying Up" has a lot of people thinking about their houses and the way they arrange their lives. As a professional organizer, you help people transform their homes into decluttered masterpieces. You also develop a system to help your clients maintain this state even after you leave. 

You have two routes to starting your personal organizer business. You can teach yourself through websites, books and other resources to keep your costs under $100. If you want to move closer to the $1,000 end of your budget, professional organizer associations offer training courses that teach you the skills and the marketing knowledge required to succeed. 

3. Garage Sale/Craigslist Flipper

When people put their items up on Craigslist or set up a garage sale, they’re typically trying to get it off their hands. You can find plenty of treasures and put in the effort to sell them for their real value. 

You only need enough money to pick up your first few items, although sometimes you can find things in the free section of Craigslist. As you generate income from the flips, reinvest that into inventory.

4. Soap Maker

The bath and body product market has many happy customers, and handmade soaps continue to bring in the money. You can get the supplies from your local craft store, although you might find them cheaper on the Internet. YouTube videos walk you through the process of soap making, and Etsy gives you the opportunity to get your products in front of your audience. It takes some time to get the hang of the process, but you can start this business for less than $200 with a few weeks of work.

5. Translator

Globalization means that many companies want to expand into new countries. They need quality translation services so their websites and product packaging sound professional. If you’re proficient in another language, you can freelance for these organizations without any startup costs.

6. Personal Chef

Today’s busy schedule makes it difficult for many families to put home cooked meals on the table. They resort to fast food or processed meals that aren’t very healthy or nutritious. If you have a knack for cooking, you can become the personal chef for your clients and prepare delicious dishes. Put together an appealing menu and get it printed. Your startup costs may be pricey, with the $1,000 covering your kitchen tools, access to a commercial kitchen if you prepare anything off-site and the printing costs.

7. Writer

The Internet creates a high-demand for the written word, with websites needing constant updates on their blogs and resource articles to attract visitors. As a freelance writer, you work with clients to put together content that appeals to their audience. One of the biggest benefits to this business is the variety. One day you may collaborate with a client talking about leopards and the next day you discuss advancements in artificial intelligence. You need a reliable computer and an Internet connection to get started with this company, so it’s likely that you already have these available.

8. Social Media Manager

Do you excel at attracting lots of followers to your Twitter and the best pins on Pinterest? Companies often need help with their social media profiles, especially since many customers use them as support channels. You get to write status updates, share content and respond to comments to keep the profiles active. Outside of a computer and an Internet connection, you don’t need much else to begin.

9. Tech Support

Are you the go-to person whenever anyone’s computer breaks? You can turn that talent into a paying business. Many people depend on their electronics for their work and personal lives, and may not know what to do when things go wrong. You can provide a service that identifies and fixes the issue quickly. You need a laptop to act as your field computer if you do house calls, a set of tools for accessing computer hardware and a website to bring in customers. The laptop is the most expensive investment to get started, but you can find quality models under $500.

10. Mobile Detailing

Many people don’t have the time to get their car detailed when it means going to another location. With mobile detailing, you bring the service to their driveway. Make their cars look brand new by investing in detailing tools and driving over to their house.

Don’t stop yourself from becoming an entrepreneur. Use these business ideas to get started with only $1,000.

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